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“We continue to be impressed with the team we have chosen. My father and I both agree, we have almost never been so comfortable working with a contractor in our combined history. I personally have never seen a principle (Bob) give his personal involvement to this level. His knowledge and experience are impressive to say the least. As a developer, it’s extremely comforting to feel such a non-adversarial relationship and enjoy what it truly is—a team effort.”

~ James R. Aiello, Jr.   |   Aiello Group of Companies

“It is a rare occasion…[that I provide] a glowing recommendation for a…General Contractor…Everyone on the Mistick Team…treated…my team with professionalism and collegiality as partners and colleagues with something to offer…They were brought into the construction team as problem solvers and advisors… I have been doing community development for 30 years and can attest to this relationship as being truly unique”

~Linda Warren, Sr. VP of Placemaking   |   New Village (Project: St. Luke’s Historic Renovation)

“Jeff Anderson is one of the most cooperative and upfront site managers I have ever worked with.”

~ Joe Luff, Economy Borough Building Official   |   (Project: Sisters of Saint Joseph at Badin)

“I would summarize in saying the work was excellent with very minor punch lists… Mistick has done an excellent job of pre-punch list work and have produced an excellent product. Mistick’s subs also have provided excellent quality of work. I was extremely impressed with the quality of work, the professionalism, and attention to detail. One of the best and smallest punchlists I have generated.”

~ Barry Beatty   |   Upstreet Architects (Project: Grace Place)

“[Tom Woodward] is the strongest foreman of a project that I’ve ever worked with on a construction project… He not only brought it in under budget, but three months ahead of schedule.”

~ Rev. Tim Spence, Interim Director of the Jefferson Area Lutheran Social Ministry   |   (Project: Grace Place)

“Throughout the process, you took on our renovation as if the church was your own… At points when you might reasonably have said that’s your problem now, you cheerfully and creatively helped us resolve the issue at hand… Your team’s integrity was exceptional…. [They] were simply good people to work with: honest, straightforward, hard-working, creative and fun.”

~ Rev. Wayne C. Peck and Richard St. John   |   Community House Presbyterian Church and Learning Center

“From the beginning, you put our minds at ease and confidence in Mistick Construction grew with each meeting and with the completion of each phase…  It is always a challenge to deliver a significant building project… Mistick Construction joined us in this challenge, even before we signed a contract, and remains available for any questions or concerns, even after a year from the completion date… We will call on you whenever we plan to undertake a new project.”

~ Rev. Leslie E. Martin   |   Bethlen Communities (Project: Bethlen Nursing Home)

“In my more than 30 years of experience, the Mistick team made this one of the smoothest projects of my career.  I attribute this success to the very organized manner in which Mistick Construction managed the progress of construction, as well as to the professionalism, experience and talent of the team… who were very responsive to all the issues that arose during the course of the project’s construction, no matter how large or small.”

~ Mark Ottinger, Senior Project Architect   |   BeeryRio Construction Contract Administration (Project: Sunrise of Upper Saint Clair Assisted Living)

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