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Saint Luke's Manor Street Housing, Phase III

Phase III of the Saint Luke's Manor project is not a simple extension of Phase I and II, which were renovations that provided apartments for seniors. Phase III is 82,000 sf of the East Wing and incorporates renovations to house a The Intergenerational School, a public charter school with over 200 students in K-8, the Boys and Girls Club of Cleveland, The Debra Ann November Early Learning Center, offices for Neighborhood Progress and the Saint Luke's Foundation. Special attention was given by the State Historic Preservation Office for the reuse of the Prentiss Auditorium, which has been converted into a multipurpose facility for the building tenants and the community-at-large. In keeping with the Historic Preservation elements of Phase I and II, there was extensive work to the exterior façade, in addition to complete replacement of the building infrastructure.

The Saint Luke's Manor project received the 2012 National Trust/HUD Secretary's Award for Excellence in Historic Preservation and Affordable Housing Finance "Readers Choice Award for Historic Rehab".