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What We Do


With over 65 years of experience, having Mistick Construction on your team means a knowledgeable project partner looking out for your best interests. We consider every detail—your funding, your vision, your community, the function and feel of the space and all the details in between. We begin with the end in mind, resulting in lasting, superior spaces built on time and on budget. We honor the vision of the architect, respect the purpose of the project and understand the short and long-terms goals and maintenance responsibilities of the developer.

Mistick Construction is an experienced and knowledgeable contributor to your team. As a true partner and collaborator, we speak up and ask questions. We consider the customer’s end goal and make sure to get you there. We come in on time and on budget and we get there with integrity—proposing solutions, not cutting corners.

Mistick Construction’s service can begin at any phase of the project from site acquisition analysis to actual construction. Our services include:

  • Site acquisition analysis
  • Site preparation
  • New construction
  • Renovation
  • Historic Renovation; and
  • Government and public financing projects

Our projects cover a range of construction types, including:

  • Multi-family residential housing
  • Student housing and facilities
  • Senior living and independent living
  • Senior care and nursing facilities
  • Institutional construction
  • Commercial construction
  • Mixed-use residential and commercial construction

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